Root Canal Therapy Can Prevent Infection from Becoming Extraction

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Common signs of a developing tooth problem include having a bad toothache, pain when biting or chewing, tooth sensitivity, tooth discoloration and swollen gums that are tender or have an ongoing pimple. If you are struggling with symptoms of tooth infection, we invite you to learn more about how root canal therapy can prevent tooth extraction.

To provide root canal therapy, our endodontist cleans the inner structure of your tooth to remove any infection in the dental pulp before cleaning and sealing the tooth roots and placing a dental crown over the tooth to offer protection. This is done to preserve the tooth as a whole so that it doesn’t need to be extracted as a result of severe tooth infection.

If tooth decay or oral trauma has affected a tooth or it underwent several dental procedures in the past, you could be at a risk of infection that reaches the inner pulp, where the connective tissues and nerves are located. This could enable bacteria to result in tooth abscess and cause you additional dental issues, including bone loss, swelling and drainage issues.

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