Root Canal Procedure Steps that Can Preserve Oral Health

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If you have infected tooth pulp or a tooth root, Dr. Stephen T. McInerney may recommend that you receive root canal treatment to prevent the infection from causing the tooth to be removed. While root canal treatment has been given a reputation of being unpleasant and even resulting in sickness that makes tooth replacement preferable, this has been discredited through extensive research. Thanks to modern technology, root canals can be an effective and convenient method to preserve teeth.

In order to maintain a healthy smile, we may need to provide a dental restoration in the event that a tooth has been compromised. We can help you determine if the steps involved in a root canal procedure are necessary to prevent a tooth from being removed:

– During the course of treatment, we can keep the tooth area clean and dry by placing a rubber dental dam around the tooth and blocking saliva flow to the area.

– We then need to access the inner tooth structure in order to extract any areas of the pulp that has become diseased. With the affected tooth pulp gone, we can clean and dry the root canal area and then apply an antimicrobial solution to remove any lingering particles of oral bacteria.

– To replace the missing tooth pulp, we can fill the tooth chamber with gutta percha, which is a rubbery substance. Until your permanent dental crown is ready to cover the affected tooth, we can place a temporary dental filling to keep the tooth protected.

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