What Can You Eat After Root Canal Therapy?

Have you heard that root canal therapy can save a tooth with a damaged center? If you decide avoid root canal therapy, the damaged tooth could eventually die and even fall out. Once you have root canal therapy, how should you continue to care for your teeth? More specifically, do you know what you should… Read more »

A Severely Decayed Tooth Might Need a Root Canal

When tooth decay goes untreated, the problem can spread throughout and within the tooth. If the decay penetrates the dentin layer, you might experience pain and heightened sensitivity. If it penetrates the pulp or root of the tooth, it could cause significant pain and could even lead to a dangerous infection in the gums. In… Read more »

A Badly Damaged Tooth

Teeth are very strong because your tooth enamel is extremely hard. However, there are still situations when a hard blow to the face can severely fracture, crack or damage a tooth. This is even more likely if you participate in contact sports without wearing a quality mouthguard. In some instances, the trauma to the tooth… Read more »

Untreated Tooth Decay Might Need Endodontic Therapy

Even a small cavity has the ability to spread quickly throughout the tooth enamel. In time, it can even start to penetrate deep into the tooth to cause decay in the pulp and root. It could even lead to a very serious abscess infection within your gums. To treat a tooth suffering from severe, untreated… Read more »

A Tooth Suffering from Untreated Tooth Decay Might Need to Be Restored by a Root Canal

When the natural bacteria in your mouth work to exploit a compromised area of tooth enamel, it can form a cavity. If the problem is detected and treated early, it can often be repaired by a dental filling. However, if the cavity goes untreated for a significant amount of time, then your endodontist, Dr. ,… Read more »

What is Root Canal Microsurgery?

As you probably know, there are a few things you should do to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Similarly, you probably know that there are a few things you should have addressed by your dentist. For instance, you may need to have a cavity filled or may even need root canal therapy—but sometimes, a… Read more »

A Severely Decayed Tooth Might Require Endodontic Therapy

Even a small cavity can pose a serious threat to your oral health. When an area of tooth decay goes unrepaired for long enough, the bacteria that compromised the tooth enamel can quickly spread deep into the tooth. If the decay penetrates deep enough to affect the pulp or root of the tooth, Dr. might… Read more »

Understanding Endodontic Therapy and Its Applications

Endodontic therapy, more commonly known as a root canal, is a treatment process used to restore a tooth that has had the internal structures compromised or damaged. Your teeth have multiple layers. The outermost layer of tooth enamel is basically a sheath of densely packed microscopic mineral crystals. Damage or decay in this layer of… Read more »

Replacing Cracked Teeth

The enamel on your teeth – the hard surface that makes up the outside of your teeth – is extremely hard. In fact, it’s hard enough that you can chew, bite, and grind hard food. But even though enamel is the hardest substance found in the human body, it’s still subject to failing. Any sort… Read more »

A Broken Tooth Can Be Restored by Endodontic Therapy

Even though your teeth are made from a very hard enamel substance, there are times when an accident, dental emergency or blow to the face can impart enough force to severely damage a tooth. A broken, fractured or cracked tooth often includes damage to the internal structures of the tooth. In extreme cases, the broken… Read more »