How Does Endodontics Affect Your Smile and Your Oral Health?

As endodontic specialists, our job is saving your natural teeth. When you come to us for treatment, you have a greater chance of keeping your teeth and avoiding having to wear false teeth or tooth replacements, such as bridges, implants, or a removable partial denture. If an infected tooth is extracted, you still need to... Read more »

Root Canal Procedure Steps that Can Preserve Oral Health

If you have infected tooth pulp or a tooth root, Dr. may recommend that you receive root canal treatment to prevent the infection from causing the tooth to be removed. While root canal treatment has been given a reputation of being unpleasant and even resulting in sickness that makes tooth replacement preferable, this has been… Read more »

The Benefits to Be Had From Endodontics

To rebuild your oral health and set your mouth on the proper path in life, you will need to assess all issues associated with endodontic care and provide the necessary treatments as soon as issues become prevalent. In many cases, endodontic care is designed for caring for the root of a tooth or any damaged… Read more »

What to Know about Root Canals

Do you know what a root canal is? Why you need one? Or what they do? If you answered no, you’re not alone. A lot of people are in the dark, so to speak, about what root canals do, why they’re necessary, and when you may need one. While they’re certainly not our favorite procedure… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy Can Prevent Infection from Becoming Extraction

Common signs of a developing tooth problem include having a bad toothache, pain when biting or chewing, tooth sensitivity, tooth discoloration and swollen gums that are tender or have an ongoing pimple. If you are struggling with symptoms of tooth infection, we invite you to learn more about how root canal therapy can prevent tooth… Read more »

Additional Information About Root Canal Therapy

Did you know that teeth that otherwise may be extracted due to a damaged pulp may still potentially be saved through the use of a root canal therapy? Root canal therapy treatments are designed to help care for the pulp and extract it to ensure that a tooth can still continue to function as needed…. Read more »

Inquiries Into Endodontics

Are you implementing new and effective oral health care treatments to ensure that your smile can continue to thrive? One of those vulnerable areas of your smile lies within your teeth. Within a tooth lies the pulp, which is considered the life force of the tooth as it has the connective tissues, nerve endings and… Read more »

Find the Answers to Questions About Root Canal Treatment Here

Are you someone who has questions about root canal treatment? If so, you’re not alone. Because the treatment can seem complex, many people have many questions about root canal treatment. Because knowing the answers is better than not knowing the answers, our dentist, Dr. , is happy to help you. To do so, would like… Read more »

A Professional Endodontist Might Need to Perform a Root Canal

A toothache or other dental pain can certainly be distressing. Many of these problems are related to some form of dental trauma or an untreated area of tooth decay that has affected the sensitive core structures of a tooth. This can sometimes be associated with a building pain and pressure in the tooth or gums…. Read more »

You May Need an Apicoectomy After a Root Canal

A root canal is one of the more common treatments performed by endodontic specialists. Root canals are often required as part of an effective treatment plan for those who have significant dental trauma or a severe case of tooth decay, both of which can alter the health and integrity of a tooth’s core structures. During… Read more »