As Your Age Increases, So Do Your Cavities

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Cavities are mostly attributed to children and individuals with poor dental hygiene. However, as you age, your mouth undergoes physical changes that leave it susceptible to cavities. Are you currently experiencing these changes?

Youth doesn’t last forever, and neither does the enamel on your teeth. As you get older, that protective layer weakens, allowing plaque to get closer to the softer dentin underneath. Your gums also start to recede, pulling away from the roots of your teeth. Cementum, the soft tissue that coats your roots, is highly sensitive to heat, cold and bacteria. Tooth root decay is a common concern for people over the age of 50.

If you’re well into your adult years, you were probably alive before people began using fluoride and modern dental preventative care. Your teeth may lack the protection that younger generations enjoy. If you have dental fillings, make sure they are still strong and properly in place. Over time, dental fillings weaken, leading to leaks around the edges and even fractures. The deterioration of your fillings leaves gaps and crevices for bacteria and acid to accumulate, leading to tooth decay.

Cavities aren’t always avoidable, but you can minimize your mouth’s vulnerability by visiting Root Canal Specialists, PC in Bingham Farms, Michigan. Dr. Stephen T. McInerney will provide you with more information on how to keep your teeth, gums and fillings healthy. You can contact him at 248-540-9191 to schedule an appointment.