An Endodontist Might Be Needed to Treat a Toothache

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Toothaches can be caused by several different things. They often are the result of an untreated cavity, a dental trauma, or a bad filling that has allowed a new area of tooth decay to develop in the tooth. As this starts to happen, you will likely feel increasing discomfort, sensitivity, or a pain radiating from the underlying gums.

If the sensitive internal structures of the tooth have been significantly compromised, you should consider seeking endodontic treatment from a specialist like Dr. Stephen T. McInerney. In many of these cases he might need to perform a root canal.

This endodontic treatment is designed to safely remove the traumatized or decayed tissues from the interior of the tooth to prevent bacteria from causing an infectious abscess in your gums.

Once this is done, Dr. Stephen T. McInerney will rebuild the internal structural integrity of the tooth by creating an abutment. This small post structure will eventually anchor a dental crown. This will fully replace the original tooth enamel layer with a special dental material such as gold, dental grade porcelain, or an alloy of base metals.

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