Additional Information About Root Canal Therapy

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Did you know that teeth that otherwise may be extracted due to a damaged pulp may still potentially be saved through the use of a root canal therapy? Root canal therapy treatments are designed to help care for the pulp and extract it to ensure that a tooth can still continue to function as needed. If for any reason the pulp of a tooth has become diseased or damaged, a root canal therapy will be needed.

If you routinely find yourself suffering from oral health risks associated with dental damage, it is important to receive the necessary treatments and repairs so that your pulp does not end up inflamed or disease. If the inner workings of your tooth are exposed, bacteria can enter the pulp of a tooth and cause pulp death. To save the tooth, root canal therapy may be required.

There are several risks that are known to cause infected pulp. Issues related to deep cavities and extensive dental erosion, which can cause microscopic damage and allow bacteria to seep into the root of a tooth, can lead to pulp damage. Furthermore, oral accidents and injuries that split or crack teeth open, as well as repeated dental procedures that have removed too much tooth enamel, can lead to pulp damage and eventual pulp death. In all of these situations, root canal therapy from our endodontist may be needed to save the tooth.

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