A Tooth with a Distressed Root or Pulp Might Need Endodontic Therapy

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Each of your teeth has several layers that give the tooth the structural integrity and basic vitality needed to chew and break down food throughout the course of your life. Yet there are times when tooth decay or dental trauma can exceed the capacity of your tooth enamel to affect the sensitive internal structures of the tooth.

If the pulp, root, or nerve of the tooth it can cause exceeding discomfort and toothache pain. Without timely treatment by an endodontic specialist like Dr. Stephen T. McInerney, the distressed tooth could lead to increasingly severe complications.

Dr. Stephen T. McInerney can quickly assess the nature and severity of the problem with an examination and radiographic images. Once this is done he can help you understand the necessary treatment measures.

This often calls for him to perform endodontic therapy. Also known as a root canal, this treatment method will excise the compromised dental components as well as the remaining tooth enamel. Then he will create an abutment from a special gutta percha material.

This small dental post will have the necessary structural integrity to eventually anchor a dental crown in your mouth. If you are in the Bingham Farms, Michigan, area and you have a painful or otherwise distressed tooth, you should call 248-540-9191 to seek endodontic treatment at Root Canal Specialists, PC.