A Tooth Suffering from Untreated Tooth Decay Might Need to Be Restored by a Root Canal

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When the natural bacteria in your mouth work to exploit a compromised area of tooth enamel, it can form a cavity. If the problem is detected and treated early, it can often be repaired by a dental filling. However, if the cavity goes untreated for a significant amount of time, then your Root Canal Specialists, PC endodontist, Dr. Stephen T. McInerney, might need to perform a root canal.

Your endodontist will first want to perform a thorough examination of the tooth and surrounding gums. It’s important to assess the extent of the decay in the tooth and make sure that a dangerous abscess has not formed inside your gums.

Dr. Stephen T. McInerney will then use a drill to remove all the decayed enamel and any other infected material. An abutment will be formed from a material called gutta-percha. This little post-like structure will serve as the anchor point for an eventual dental crown.

A detailed impression will be made of the area, and a temporary crown will be secured over the abutment to protect it. The impression will be sent to the dental laboratory where your permanent crown will be made.

A member of our staff will call you back in for a brief follow-up appointment when the final crown is ready. During this appointment, the temporary crown will be removed and your final crown will be secured into place using a strong dental cement. With the proper care and cleaning, your newly restored tooth should serve you for many years to come.

If you have a tooth that’s been suffering from untreated tooth decay or has developed a large and painful cavity, you should not delay in contacting Root Canal Specialists, PC at 248-540-9191 to find out more about a root canal in Bingham Farms, Michigan.