A Sports Injury that Traumatizes a Tooth May Need an Endodontic Specialist

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If you’re an athlete participating in a contact sport or other vigorous activity, you are at increased risk of injury. This chance only increases if you practice or play without the use of a required mouth guard. If a blow to the face carries enough force to traumatize one or more teeth, you might need to seek the care of an endodontic specialists like Dr. Stephen T. McInerney at his Bingham Farms, Michigan clinic.

While fractured tooth enamel can be replaced by a crown made from special dental materials like gold, porcelain or metallic alloys, damaged internal structures in the tooth might need a root canal.

This is a special form of dental care that endodontists like Dr. Stephen T. McInerney, commonly perform to replace damaged dental tissues. Symptoms that this is called for include heightened sensitivity, persistent pain, or a small area of swelling in the gums.

To treat a tooth in this condition, Dr. Stephen T. McInerney will likely need to perform a root canal. This will involve removing the entirety of the tooth enamel, and any other damaged internal tissues. A special endodontic material known as gutta percha will then be used to rebuild the structure of the tooth.

Once this is done, Dr. Stephen T. McInerney can start the process of fitting you for a crown, that will restore the traumatized tooth for many years to come.

If you’re in the Bingham Farms, Michigan area and you’ve suffered a damaged tooth, you should seek endodontic care at Dr. Stephen T. McInerney’s clinic.