A Root Canal Might Be Needed to Treat a Badly Infected Tooth

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When bacteria attack a weakened tooth, the resulting decay can often spread quickly. This can cause heightened sensitivity, a significant dental fracture, or even persistent pain. If you are able to ignore these symptoms, or a dental phobia prevents you from seeking treatment, the problem is likely to escalate.

In time, the tooth decay can penetrate the root of the tooth, cause a severe dental fracture, or even lead to an infection. In a situation like this, you will need the care of the endodontists at Root Canal Specialists, PC’s clinic in Bingham Farms, Michigan

To effectively treat a tooth in this condition, we might need to perform a root canal. This minimally invasive mode of treatment will remove the tooth enamel layer or the damaged tooth, to can access to the compromised structures within. We will then extract any damaged material before rebuilding the core of the tooth with a special inert dental material.

We can then start the process of fitting the tooth for a standard crown. Once it has been cemented in place, the full presence and function of the tooth will serve you for many years ahead.

If you live in the Bingham Farms, Michigan area and you have suffered a badly damaged tooth, you should call 248-540-9191 to have it treated and restored at Root Canal Specialists, PC’s endodontic clinic.