A List of Common Halloween Candies and Their Effects on Your Teeth

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It’s October, and Halloween is just around the corner. The time of candy has begun. Before you indulge, it’s helpful to know what you are getting yourself into.

Candy’s primary ingredient is sugar. The bacteria in your mouth use sugar as their fuel and convert it into acid. The acid then wears away your tooth enamel, exposing it to decay. Here’s a summary of each type of candy’s bag of tricks:

Chocolate: When it comes to candy, chocolate may be the best choice. That’s because it is easy for your saliva to clean off your teeth. Dark chocolate is a better choice than milk chocolate because it has less sugar.

Hard Candy: Hard candy can actually crack your teeth. Or if you suck on it, the sugar can get in your saliva and wash all over your mouth, revoking the cleansing effects of the saliva.

Popcorn Balls and other Sticky Candy: Small kernels of popcorn can become in between your teeth, so keep some floss handy. Popcorn balls also often have sugar and can be sticky. Sticky candy can adhere to the chewing surfaces of your teeth, giving bacteria more opportunities to feed.

Sour Candy: This tends to be extremely acidic. In fact, the effects of some kinds of sour candy are comparable to that of battery acid.

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