A Badly Damaged Tooth

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Teeth are very strong because your tooth enamel is extremely hard. However, there are still situations when a hard blow to the face can severely fracture, crack or damage a tooth. This is even more likely if you participate in contact sports without wearing a quality mouthguard. In some instances, the trauma to the tooth can be so severe that it damages the pulp or root of the tooth. When this happens, your endodontist, Dr. Stephen T. McInerney, might need to treat the tooth with endodontic therapy.

To treat the pain and prevent further complications, your endodontist will excise the damaged material inside the tooth. Then, they will rebuild the internal structures of the tooth with a material known as gutta percha. This will form a sturdy abutment that will later anchor a dental crown in place.

The final crown will be made from either gold, porcelain or a base metal alloy. It will be custom crafted in a dental lab to perfectly replicate your damaged or decayed tooth.

When your new crown is ready, we will call you back in for a brief second appointment. The crown will be cemented into place atop the abutment, thus restoring the tooth’s presence and function in your mouth.

If you have a badly damaged tooth, you should not delay in contacting Root Canal Specialists, PC at 248-540-9191 to seek timely treatment and restoration by a root canal in Bingham Farms, Michigan.